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          In an era of major media chains and super-sized broadsters, Evanov Communitions remains a positive force in promoting independent radio in nada. We have expanded to incorporate sixteen stations in a variety of formats serving communities across Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec. Our management, our clients, our partners and our loyal staff are all proud to be celebrating 38 years of Independent Spirit!

          OUR HISTORY

          WHAT'S NEW


          With 16 stations serving communities across nada, we bring our listeners a unique lol experience with interaction on various platforms. Our stations offer quality promotions for clients, contests, giveaways, news, entertainment and of course MUSIC!

          Broadsting in a variety of formats, we engage listeners of all genres including Hot Country, Soft Adult Contemporary, Top 40, CHR, Multicultural and more!

          Radio is more than commercials. We develop strategies using our various platforms to create unique mpaigns, allowing listeners to interact and advertisers to grow their business.

          Our team works together like a well oiled machine to ensure high quality listening experiences and successful radio promotions.